What Do I Stand For?

un∙sin∙sored - what do i stand for.png

Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries really got me thinking. My thoughts became less about R Kelly. We’ve all heard the accusations for years and collectively complied with the side of pop culture for the past 30 years. This time it got me wondering about all the music I’ve been standing by these years.

Through much deleted music and one liberating sexual trauma weekend-long webinar later, I feel a lot more positive about where things are headed for me, personally. I reflected while walking through Prospect Park. Take a listen.

Please note: You can hear me walking through rocks and gravel in some areas. But it’s not so bad – I promise.

Books + other things mentioned:

  1. Prospect Park – Brooklyn, New York

  2. Surviving R. Kelly

  3. The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Book - Ella Fitzgerald

  4. Sarah for Lovers - Sarah Vaughn

  5. Mad at Miles: a Black Woman’s Thoughts on Truth by Pearl Cleage (excerpt)

  6. Miles: The Autobiography with Quincy Troupe