The Unwind – May 30, 2019

I’ve gone to cemeteries three times in the past two weeks. I’m not thinking about dying or anything. But it’s the only place I really know where I can get some peace and quiet around here.

I usually head to the Green-Wood Cemetery which is a forty-five minute walk from my house. It’s a good walk, too. One that that will have my feet howling by the time I get back. But it’s worth it. It’s magnificent, and the grounds are glorious. Not to mention, it’s a national historic landmark, so there’s tours, exhibits, and events – you know, outside of funerals.

But what’s so amazing is the nature. There’s trees upon trees, birds and butterflies, and flower bushes. The ponds are my favorite, though. First of all, it’s one of the only places where you can sit outside without disturbing the graves. (Because spreading your blanket in between plots is kind of a no-no. I learned this the embarrassing way.) Second, there’s a crane that flies in, stalks the fish in the pond, and darts its beak like a spear in the water and gobbles up a quick meal. He goes around two, sometimes three, times while I’m there. It’s unreal, but that’s the beauty of nature. And that’s why I keep going back.

I work half my time at home, and when I do, I usually stay indoors unless I need to run some errands. Return books to the library, grab groceries, or a quick pharmacy run. Oh, and plenty of Dunkin Donut iced lattes.

But today was different.

It looked gloomy as fuck out there, but my body kept telling me to take a walk. I decided I was going to walk down streets I haven’t yet since I’ve moved to this neighborhood.

My feet led me to the Holy Cross Cemetery. A mere six minutes from my apartment. I saw the entrance and just laughed to myself. Like, “What are the odds I’d make it here?” In all transparency, I knew this cemetery was close to my place. I just didn’t know exactly where. In fact, when I googled cemeteries in the area last year, I saw Holy Cross first, but then saw a Google review for Green-Wood, and ditched the thought of taking the skip to HC.

But here I was. Finally, I suppose. As soon as I stepped onto the grounds, the air smelled different. Pure. Which really surprised me. It’s really plunk in the middle of the neighborhood, surrounded by houses and projects. I thought I’d hear sirens and people like I normally do in the ‘hood, but funny enough, only my footsteps made noise.

It was beautiful, historic, and peaceful. And I’m sorry I ghosted it for the name-brand one almost a year prior. But I’m also very thankful the little voice inside got me to get my ass up and out and see it for myself. I’ll now be able to take a quick breather without making a day trip out of it. And what I love the most is letting things unfold and accepting the mystery life has for me. Surrender. And keep slowing the fuck down.

Since I’m feeling more creative, I made a little vid of part of my day and walk below.

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