We're All Freaking Sims


When The Sims computer game came around, I wasn't too enthused. I remember playing in elementary school, but it was a little too tech tech break ya neck for me, so I wasn't really into it. But a first-person player game where I could control someone living in a home like me? Sign me up? I think I got my game from Media Play, a Sam Goody-type store that left once Best Buy plunked in town. (And bummer, I got all my posters there.)

Once I installed the game, I was HOOOOOOKED! I'd play for hourrrrs. I started off pretty slowly. Making one female Sim, and then playing that life for a while. I interacted with the other computer-made Sims who came our way. Neighbors Bella and Mortimer would drop by unannounced – Bella in her Sim-tight red dress, Mortimer in his finest Gomez Addams getup. They'd make out because they were madly in love, and leave heart leftovers while they drove away and waved goodbye. Behind my glasses I rolled my eyes. 

But one day, Mortimer came by to hang out, and I got my Sim to kiss him! And then hearts appeared over them! Lord, Jesus, I created a mistress!! Awww, snap! The Sims was joo-say, hey! There were so many different options you could take for your Sim, but your main objective was to keep them happy and well rounded. There were plenty of activities to do, and once the Sims grew, I bought expansion packs so they'd be even more well rounded. Going on vacations and having babies and bringing home pets! 

There was (and is) a dark side, however, to The Sims. Along with so many of the options, you can choose for them to be rude to a fellow friend or become a slob. All of this factors into their happiness, and sooner or later, your Sim can become the town grump. I took my chances to see what would happen and tested out these options. My twisted thinking lead my Sims to getting burnt alive because I was too lazy to make them study a cookbook, picked fights with friends with a single click, or even murder by removing the ladders to the pool. I know these options were common, and others did this too. But why? Was I a horrible human being? More on this later.

I stopped playing The Sims in college. Too much real-living to do. I did try once with the Playstation game, but my brain was too wired to the PC, and I couldn't get the hang of it. 

Ten years later I felt like playing again, this time on my iPhone. A lot has been updated since I've last played. It kind of combines Sim City and The Sims (look, I did zero research so don't come at me with the duh), which I really like. As I got to playing and moving through the actions (I don't want to make my Sims choose any "negative" options), I realize that this game is literally what life is all about. 

Learning through all of my readings, and opening my consciousness, I know that life is made up of our choices. When I choose things that are cruddy for me, I feel cruddy. When it's good, I feel good. Simple. Sims are the same way. Let's go through some of the things Sims can do:

  • develop hobbies
  • have careers and get promotions
  • live in awesome houses
  • live in minimalist houses
  • read a biography
  • sit and ponder
  • invite a friend over
  • race boats
  • help out in the community
  • grow a garden
  • learn new skills
  • go hiking 

And before you say, "Well, duh! Art imitates life, that's what the game is supposed to be like!" Let's take it a step further...

I believe that we are all meant to be/work as ONE. That means all one consciousness. No one is separate from anyone else. Race, gender, sexual orientation don't matter because they don't exist. Everything we do will be for the common good.

So while I'm playing, I get these quest and task popups that I must have the Sims fulfill to get more money and other video-game wing dings. One is to go to a neighboring town, and meet someone new. Sounds like fun! It was! I got my Sim to be funny, nice, and give handshakes. Then the game prompted me to play use the toilet in the Sim neighbor's house. And then play a game. And take a long bath! And then sleep through the alarm! What the frick was going on? Ill tell ya. Sims are living the Law of One, and it's our job to make sure they stay on task in their purpose, and that is to keep the community growing and thriving. 

Why should it be weird that a neighbor wants to come to your home and use the bathroom? We shouldn't be afraid of our neighbors. We should love them as we love ourselves. The neighbor Sim isn't freaked out. Why should we be? While your Sim is maxing and relaxing under the covers, neighbor Sim is sneezing and pacing and doing whatever else he wants to do. Minding his business, in short. Is the Sims creator a cult leader? My Kool-Aid needs refilling, and, bitch, I am parched!

A feature I love with this mobile version is that it is real time. On the older versions, the time zooms by so fast. Six hours go by in six minutes when you send your Sim to work. Who knows what time it really was? But with this one, if it's 6 p.m. in the "real" world, it's 6 p.m. on the Sims. The tasks happen in real time, too. It only goes by faster if you have a Sim wing ding (whatever it's called), which you can earn or purchase for real-life dollars, if you choose. I love this because that means it takes the time that is necessary to complete a task. Which means I don't have to stick around. And this kind of forces me to follow suit and work on my own hobbies and other things I want to do as well. It's inspired me so much I got a word search book, something I loved doing as a child. I also did my other normal stuff like write, cook, and work on this very post you're reading.

Life goes on, and I am fulfilling my purpose at the same time. I am having so much fun! I've just begun, but as of this writing I have four Sims, three are employed, and I have one that's doing all the neighbor tasks for now. The Sims can't have all the fun! I'll let these Sims guide me along the way. Let's just see how far we get.