Hospital Corners

Not my bed, but – no doubt, if it were – it would be made up perfectly just like this.

Not my bed, but – no doubt, if it were – it would be made up perfectly just like this.

I make my bed almost every single day of the year. It's a habit I got into thanks to my stepdad, who when he first got together with my mom, I was too ashamed to show him my messy, messy room. Toys, books, tapes, candy, chips were everywhere. You couldn't see the floor. And my bed was just as junky. I was a kid who would fall asleep with whatever I threw atop my bed, and if by chance I didn't want the company, I'd push everything on the floor. 

On the days when my room actually was clean, it'd be because of my mom. Yes, I know, what type of spoiled brat was I? I could literally be down in the living room jumping on furniture all afternoon, watching cartoons, or playing outside, and I'd go up to my room for a breather, and my room would be s p o t l e s s. I'd think, "Wow, I can see my floor! I feel so much better now!" What a maroon, I was!

The one thing I would notice was how well put together my bed was. Omigod, what a masterpiece! I had a beautiful, light-brown wooden canopy. Purple bedsheets with unicorns, rainbows, and ruffles dressed it magnificently. Oh, how I treated my bed was so very badly given how majestic it was! But, hey, I was six and very active, always flitting from one activity to the next. 

When my single-parent family grew to a party of three, there was no playing around. My room had to be clean at all times. And it all started with making my bed. 

A made-up bed really sets the tone for your room. Your room can be turned upside down, but if your bed is made, you can kind of get by with being called a slobby slob. 

Throughout childhood to high school, I actually never dressed my own bed, I just made it up day to day. Ma would take the sheets and do the dirty work. However, whenever my mother would dress her own bed, she'd always ask for my help. It was an event! Ugh, on the days she'd want to flip the mattress, I'd get my thrills by jumping on it once it was in place as some sort of prize. Then we'd place the mattress cover, fitted sheets, but when we got to the flat sheet, there were special instructions. 

"We're going to do hospital corners," she said.

"What are hospital corners?" I asked. 

"You make hospital corners so your feet don't fall out in the middle of the night." I didn't ask if it originated in hospitals as it was implied. 

She showed me how to do it:

  1. You tuck the sheet's end under the mattress,
  2. Stand on one side, and pull the sheet up so it looks like origami or the side of a triangle. Tuck the sheet under the mattress a little more so it's good and tight.
  3. Lay the side of the sheet down so it drapes over the mattress.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Voila! You've got hospital corners. 

I make my bed like this every single time as an adult. It does wonders for me feet when it's cold, and I can wrap the loos end of my sheet under my ass. Mmm, I'm in a cocoon! On the downside, it's a sock graveyard. I have to do a sock sweep every few days. 

All of this came to me when I washing my linen. Do people make their bed any other way? Like, how could you even? 

Bon soir! 💋